Monday, November 19, 2007

Media Reference: Fly Fisher = Financier?

In Barron's: an article about financier Scott Amero and looking for bargains in a down credit market.

Bargain-hunting when credit conditions are uncertain and markets relatively illiquid isn't for the faint of heart. But Amero, born and raised in Maine, is the model of an unflappable New Englander. "He seems like a calm, patient, very analytical guy," says Morningstar's Jones. "That will probably serve him well in making his way through the current market environment."

Amero's favorite pastime suggests he's both patient and persistent. An avid fly-fisherman, his idea of a great vacation is a fishing trip with his family, including all four children, ages nine to 17. "You've got to be stubborn and lucky in fly-fishing," he says.

The same is true in today's credit markets, where investment banks are looking for opportunities to convert some $300 billion in bridge financing for leveraged buyouts into longer-term leveraged loans and junk bonds.

Perhaps our skills are being wasted....

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