Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kurt Finlayson: Inside Competitive Fly Fishing

Kurt Finlayson has written an excellent article for about the Western Regional Fly Fishing Teams experiences at the National Fly Fishing Championship in Colorado earlier this year. Kurt's team pulled off what many would call and upset and won the Bronze medal, in the process knocking off international teams from Europe and Canada. Bringing a group of competitive and highly motivated anglers together into a team has its challenges:
Two days before the competition, our entire team met for the first time at a lake for practice. We were stringing up rods and it started; the parking lot turned into a mouth-fight filled with mistrust, anger, and egos fueling the blaze. Other teams watched as we argued and yelled at each other like idiots. Finally, after a few tense moments, all the grievances were voiced and the air cleared. Now, we had a clean slate on which to build a real team. We fished the lake together and talked about how we caught fish. That night we had dinner and the team continued to bond. The next day we practiced on a river and more egos dropped while our attention turned to figuring out the river and its fickle fish.

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