Monday, October 08, 2007

Pesticide spill near Helton Creek

A pesticide spill from a farm on a tributary of North Carolina delayed harvest stream, Helton Creek could have spelled disaster for some freshly stocked trout. However quick action by the farmer and local emergency services may have saved the day.

Lansing Volunteer Fire Department Safety Officer Richard Kirrstetter said eight members of the department, including himself, Chief Everett Adams and Incident Commander Jackie Reedy and five other volunteer members, responded to a call from a Christmas tree farmer when a 250-gallon tank of pesticide fell off a trailer and spilled into Fees Branch.

The fire department members drained Fees Branch and blocked it with hay and straw bales to prevent the pesticide from traveling downstream into Helton Creek.

The Warrensville Haz-Mat team was on standby but did not have to be called in.“Lansing did a great job and Incident Commander Jackie Reedy called in the right people,” said Kirrstetter. “It turned out to be picture perfect for a Haz-Mat situation.”

Thank goodness for haz-mat teams.

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