Saturday, October 06, 2007

NFFC: Final Results

The 2007 National Fly Fishing Championship is in the books. George Daniel of Pennsylvania took the top spot with Carolina anglers Josh Stevens and Eddie Pinkston taking the silver and bronze medals respectively.

George Daniel - Gold Medal Winner (Mark lance Photo)

Josh Stevens - Silver Medal Winner (John Crane photo)

Eddie Pinkston - Bronze Medal Winner (John Crane photo)

Competitor Name
1. Daniel, George
2. Stephens, Josh
3. Pinkston, Edward S.
4. Erickson, Pete ©
5. Naranja, Anthony ©
6. Robertson, Scott ©
7. Sexton, Mike
8. Lumsdon, Graham
9. Courtoreille, Terence
10. Egan, Lance
11. Williams, Loren
12. Kimmel, Brian
13. Walter Ungerman
14. Bishop, Brett
15. Roberts, John
16. Maktima, Norman
17. Kolanda, Rob
18. Olsen, Devin
19. Croucher, Andy (Captain/Mgr)
20. Ricks, Jake

Photo's used with permission Colorado Trout Unlimited.

The National Championship is sponsored by Colorado Trout Unlimited and the associated Trout Unlimited Chapters in the State of Colorado. It is also supported by many commercial fly fishing companies locally and nationally, including the American Fly Fishing Tackle Association.

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