Sunday, October 14, 2007

NFFC Coverage

We found a few additional items in the press about the recent National Fly Fishing Championship in Denver, Colorado.

The Denver Post mentions North Carolina Angler and US Fly Fishing Team member, Josh Stevens.

Josh Stephens, a slow-talking, fast-catching Fly Fishing Team USA member who won the silver medal in the event, offered this example of the sort of results that come from practiced angling intensity.

"You hear a local guy say nobody can catch more than five fish on a certain beat," the Robbinsville, N.C., resident said. "You leave with 23 and he says, 'No way."'

Even if a recreational angler never intends to poke a cleated toe into a fishing tournament, he would do well to pay attention to the lessons that shine through the competition.

Josh's fellow southern anglers will take the "slow-talking" part as some sort of strange compliment.

Via Midcurrent and we learn that US Fly Fishing Team Coach Jack Dennis and Polish angler Vladi Trzebunia were involved in a SUV accident:

Reports say their SUV was demolished after rolling twice. Inside the vehicle, Dennis and Trzebunia had to dodge flying computers, cameras and fly-fishing equipment, but both escaped relatively unscathed.

“Well, I’m a little sore still and I took three days off to recover, but I’m alive and kicking so it’s all good,” said Dennis this week from his store in Jackson. “I’m having an MRI just to make sure, but I think I’ll be OK.”

They are both well on the road to recovery.

He said Trzebunia went fishing for a couple of days to recuperate, mentally and physically, and both expect to be around for the next U.S. Fly Fishing Team get-together set for November in Pagosa Springs.

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