Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fringe benefits

Of traveling to Roanoke on business.

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Alistair said...

Lucky man - I just posted about the virtues of Orvis today actually


Murdock said...


Excellent. Orvis has a warehouse in the town I was in. The shop had lots of clothes but a good selection of fishing gear in the back. None of the rods struck my fancy but I did pick up several dozen salt water flies and some leaders and a new fly line for the 10 weight (which I rarely get to use).

Anonymous said...

Hey there Murdock!

I wish you had told me you would be in Roanoke... I would have arranged a tour of our distribution facility.

Next time!


Murdock said...


I actually almost dropped you a line to see about a tour but my schedule was pretty packed. I get up that way about four times a year so hopefully on the next trip I can check it out. This trip I had to be content with helping you get rid of some stale inventory ;).