Tuesday, September 04, 2007

White River Fishing Report

Here is the latest White River Fishing Report from the Baxter Bulletin. Here is an excerpt that makes a passing mention to a sad event on the North Fork.

Another hot spot, on the White River, has been Rim Shoals. On low water, this section has been very productive. The best flies have been the zebra midge in brown with copper bead and copper wire in size 18 and partridge and orange soft hackles. The grasshopper has also reigned supreme here.

The North Fork is not fishing as well as the White. On the days when they are running water on the White, the North Fork can get pretty crowded, particularly on the weekends. The overcrowding has been worsened by the closing of McClellan's.

Access to the North Fork via McClellan's trout dock fell victim to the land developers purse strings.

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