Monday, September 10, 2007

Hi / Lo: Trout Art Prices

From time to time we like to take the pulse of the internet fly fishing market place by looking at what holds the top and bottom price points on Google's product pages (formerly Froogle). This time we did a search for "Trout Art" and here is what came up:

At $9,343 (and already sold mind you) artist Carl Roberts of South Africa takes top honors with his work entitled "Must Be A Brown Trout."

The lowest priced item is under the heading of "Trout Art" is a ringtone for your cellphone of Schubert's "Quintet for Piano in A Major Trout Tema con variazioni" for only $0.22.

However, we found this photo of two trout kissing up for sale via Featurepics for a mere $0.50 to be much more interesting. It almost makes us wish it were Valentines day.

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