Friday, September 14, 2007

FFR Show or Bust

Most likely as you read this the wife and I will be crammed into a tiny tin can of an airplane on our way to the mile high city where we will be taking part in the Fly Fishing Retailer Show. The wife is in charge of all things fly fishy fashion while I will do the grunt work of drooling over the latest and greatest fly fishing gear. We plan on live blogging the event to the best of our ability and net access so watch for semi-regular postings about our adventures. Let us just say that the show's tag line "tie one on" does not always relate to fishing flies.
One of the highlights of the show is always the Blogger and Beer Safety meeting at the Patagonia booth. Instigated by our pal B2 from Moldy Chum, the event makes it possible for us to hang out with many of our favorite Internet characters. We might even get the opportunity to share a slaw dog with the blogger we most want to be like when we grow up,Tom Chandler of the Trout Underground. This gathering is one of the first we will be attending and I think the intention of the "safety meeting" is to prepare us for the many malt beverages to come during the three day event.
Post FFR frivolity one of the wife's friends has loaned us the use of his alpine cabin near Estes Park. Our intention is to attempt to unwind from the stress of the event while spending some much needed time with each other. When we planned the trip I told the wife that I would be spending quite a bit of time looking for "green backs." However, I am not quite sure she understood that I was talking about a cutthroat trout.
Stay tuned for more reports from the field.

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