Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"You gonna talk or are you gonna fish?"

When we saw this fly tied by Gary Jones of Sherrills Ford, North Carolina , we couldn't help but think of the following over-told fishing joke:
The game warden is getting a bit suspicious of the best fisherman in 3 counties, thinking he may be doing wrong, so he asks if he can come along to see how a real pro does it. The fisherman said that would be fine and they set out. The boat was launched and a spot was selected when the fisherman opened a tacklebox full of dynamite and lights a fuse. He tosses it over the side and BLAM water goes every where, and fish are floating up. The game warden is beside himself, telling the guy how he is going to get locked up and his boat confiscated and on and on, while the ol boy pulls out another stick, lights it and hands it calmly to the game warden. The game warden asks just what the heck he did it for, to which the old fisherman simply asks "you gonna talk or you gonna FISH?!!"
Gary tells us that the fly was inspired by fishing guide Bo Cash of The Table Rock Angler. He didn't say how it was inspired and we figured it best not to ask.
Thanks Gary for tying a great fly and sharing it with us.

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