Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Working Err... Whirling in a coal mine....

What's the best way to dispose of fifty dump truck loads of whirling disease infected pond scum? Dump it down a coal mine of course. Isn't this how all those monster movies start out?

"The Maryland DNR's Inland Fisheries Division hopes to transport 750 tons of sediment from the bottom of a drained pond where trout infected with whirling disease were grown.

"So far, the coal sites we've looked at are in Allegany County," said Bob Lunsford, the division's director, on Monday. "We're talking about more than 50 dump truck loads, so the shorter the haul, the better." Lunsford said the dirt may be transported by DNR dump trucks if they are available.

Let's all hope there are no trout streams along the route to the mine.

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