Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Like Traffic School for Poachers...

A coworker who recently visited Florida gave us a heads up about this story. Scofflaw drivers are often required to attend traffic school to shave a few points off the old license. In one Florida National Park the same is now true for anglers who violate fishing rules.
Sport fishermen who violate regulations in Biscayne National Park will find themselves back in school, starting in August.
A sharp reduction in marine fauna and a major increase in violations by sport fisherman prompted officials to include the classes as part of a broader plan to prevent the extinction of the park's fish population, said Richard Curry, the park's coordinator for scientific research."To do that, we want to educate fishermen in terms of how their activities affect the environment," he said
First time offenders will have the option of taking classes at the park in lieu of fines.

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