Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's not for everyone

The Ledger's Harry Hurt went to fly fishing school and decided it just wasn't for him. He didn't like all the knots, didn't have much luck with the fish, and couldn't understand catch and release.

"Maybe I was mentally shell-shocked, but the thing that really bugged me (pun intended) was the fly fishing credo of catch-and-release. In the unlikely event that I hooked a fish, I wasn’t supposed to take it home and fry it up for dinner. Instead, I was expected to follow a prescribed procedure for removing the hook and “respirating” the fish before gently reintroducing it to the water. All that sounded environmentally correct, and I appreciate humanity’s Sisyphean existential plight as much as anybody. But I just didn’t see the point: if you can’t eat the fish, why bother to catch them at all?"

When the class was over he let his instructor know his future fishing plans:

By now we’d been out on the water nearly two hours, and it was time for Ed and me to turn in our borrowed gear. As we trekked back to the Orvis lodge, Ed said he planned to go fishing again that evening on his way home to western Pennsylvania. I said I was going to eat fish at my favorite sushi restaurant in Sag Harbor and wash them down with bottles of hot sake.

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Anonymous said...

Let me guess the size of Harry's brain.....Fine he didn't like it, that means more water, fewer on the water for the rest of us.