Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friday (I'm stuck in meetings all day) Links

It is Friday and for the past three days I have been taking part in meetings that start at 7:30 AM and end around 10:00 PM. Sure there is lots of hob knobbing, food and beverage but one can't help but feel a longing to be standing knee deep in the fluff mud of a nice salt marsh. Since time is tight we thought we might keep you abreast of what the real fly fishers of the net are up to:
Our pals over at Reel Pure's Moldy Chum blog are posting about the best RV ever, the Save our Salmon 25 foot long salmon sculpture. It makes us wish our pal Paisley had taken our design advice for his teardrop camper project.
Our kilted blogger pal Alistair from The Urban Fly Fisher in the UK lets us know that so far Scotland has avoided the flooding that has plagued England of late. We are glad he is keeping dry.
Pete McDonald of Boating Magazine and The Fishing Jones blog takes time out from trying out exotic new boats to remind us why a kayak is not always the best choice of watercraft for waters inhabited by great white shark.
Hawgdaddy from The Tennessee Valley Angler has taken up his quill and crafted an excellent short story with the title "Backyard Wilderness." Here is how he describes it:
"This one is written in true Southern English where “they” and “there” are interchangeable in actual conversation, although any Southerner ("who can read - the majority of us) could tell you the difference in the written words."
Finally, if you have noticed a "disturbance in the force" lately in the fly fishing blogger community, it is probably because Tom Chandler of the massively popular Trout Underground is on vacation and has taken to posting about his gastronomic prowess.

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Tom Chandler said...

Thanks for the link! The fishing's still good up here in Maine, but the eating's been even better.

Hard part of this vacation is the slow, slow 24K dialup -- I can't surf all the other fly blogs to see what's going on...