Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Part II from ESPN's Don Barone

In Part II of Don Barone's story "Adirondack Jack, Brown Trout, & Bigfoot" Don continues his remote fishing trip with the "mountain man and counter terrorism guy" only to find out that the mountain man regularly has run-ins with Bigfoot on the creek bank (sort of anyway).

"Yep, we're here. This is where I first came across those Bigfoot tracks."
At which Denver about gets whiplash turning his head to look at me.

"Ahhhh … sorry, Den. Didn't I mention …?"

Yeah, seems that over the past 10 years or so while out fishing the remote streams of the Adirondacks, ADK keeps coming across what he says are Bigfoot tracks.

"I've seen some unusual tracks of some human-like creature," he says. "The tracks are 17, 18 inches long, twice as wide as a human's foot. Big strides. You're talking about a 6-foot stride between each foot. I've seen 15 tracks in four different locations."

We here at FlyfishMagazine.com have been known to tell our fishing pals the this same sort of story as a means to keep them away from the better fishing holes. We tend to refer to snakes, bears, wild hogs or even the occasional panther but we never thought of using Bigfoot until we read Don's latest story!

Read Part II via ESPN Outdoors.

Here's a link to Part I in case you need to catch up.

Photo credit Don Barone.

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