Monday, July 09, 2007

ESPN's Don Barone : Fishing With Spies

One of the most entertaining outdoor writers we know is ESPN's Don Barone. This time he is fishing with his friend who won't say exactly what he does for a living.
ADK: "So, Denver, where do you work?"
Denver: "The N.S.A."
ADK: "Oh, immigration … that there National Immigration Service Department."
Me: "He's a spy, Jack."
Denver: "Oh, dear Lord no …"
ADK: "You know, Denver, my brother-in-law there was some sort of border patrol guy, too."
Denver: "Not N.I.S. … N …S …A!"
ADK: "I was sort of in the same field. I did Brinks work for 13 years …"
Denver: "That's very nice, Jack."
Me, leaning over and whispering: "Denver, just freakin' order."
Read the rest of his adventures, including some fishing via ESPN Outdoors.
Ps. You also might want to try your own hand at the spy game by visiting this link to the BBC's own Spy Academy.

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