Monday, July 02, 2007

Did we say Once Bitten?

It seems that this is the toothy season here at FlyFishMag. In addition to our usual fare of trout eating turtles and snakes, now our lovely wife has pointed out that an angler from the county next door to the FlyFishMagazine Corporate Compound has landed no less than a one pound four ounce Piranha. He was a bit disappointed in his catch:
"I was expecting to get a fish that I could eat. I don't think I want to eat this one," said Melton. The fish had a little more bite than he expected -- one with several very sharp teeth. Melton had reeled in a one-pound, four-ounce piranha. "
Personally we are busy rigging up some flesh flies and wire leaders on our trusty four weight for a trip to the mighty Catawba.

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