Friday, July 20, 2007

Calling All Cars: Theft on the South Holston

We just got word from Bo Cash of The Table Rock Angler about another fly fisher who was the victim of a theft on the South Holston River in Tennessee. This issue got a lot of publicity several months ago and the thefts dropped off. However, from what we are hearing it seems that the meth-heads are back up to their old tricks.

Be on the look out for:

Stolen Wed. July 19, 07 at TVA parking lot on the South Holston River at the "metal grates":

2004 Forest Green Toyota Tacoma X-tra cab with matching Leer camper cover. Truck had trailer attached for a 16 foot jon boat. Boat and motor are still in possession of the owner. Truck contained ladies pocketbook with cash, diamond bracelet, 3 cell phones and personal items. Truck had fly fishing gear, two sets of waders, 3 pairs of binoculars, and other items.

One of the cell phones was deeply hidden in the cab of the truck and could have been tracked immediately by Verizon using their GPS system, but a court order taking 24 hours would have had to be obtained first...................... (this is BS). These guys could have been tracked immediately if not for red tape and the "system protecting criminals." Otherwise, Verizon could have gotten immediate results. This property was stolen from the larger parking lot at the metal grates between 2 and 4 pm.

PLEASE CALL Monte Tuttle in Lenoir, NC 828-758-8712 or TVA Police 800-824-3861 and Sullivan County Sheriff's Dept. 423-279-7500 with any information you have to share.

ADDITIONALLY: on that same day, a late model Harley Davidson Electraglide was stolen at the park next to the actual weir dam. This bike had 3 locking systems on it. We are not dealing with below average scum bags. Instead, we are dealing with below average PROFESSIONAL scum bags.

On Monday, July 16th, a vehicle was also stolen from the "view" area up on the dam at the lake. No description was given.

Asking your help for the benefit of all of us who use this area on the South Holston and the Watauga: If there are board members here or friends of board members that write for any of the TN/VA area newspapers within that perimeter, please forward this information to them. We need to get this into print for all to see. Headline news is the only thing we have had in the past to get more protection for our property when we are dropping our dollars into those communities. Additionally, those of you who personally know county commissioners in the areas of Sullivan and Carter Counties, I hope you will take a moment to call them. This hurts everyone who drops recreational related dollars into those two counties when using the rivers.

Drop the TVA a note and let them know how you feel about the situation:
Mr. Cash even provided us with a sample letter.

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