Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Barone on Bass

ESPN's Don Barone takes on the world of the Bassmasters and finds out it's harder than it looks to be a professional bass wrangler.

"Imagine a football team, say the Buffalo Bills, playing Monday Night Football, then Tuesday Night Football, then Wednesday Night Football … which, if they do good, gets them to play Thursday Night Football and possibly Friday Night Football, all in the same week.

Oh, and the games are eight quarters long (Math teachers don't even think of sending me email about the eight quarters reference, I'm fully aware that with the NFL Math sudden-death rule most games never make it past the fifth quarter).

And getting to the bass fishing spot, well that's sort of like riding a bucking bull, except you'd have to stick a rocket in his ass, and light it."

Read "Big-time ESPN writer/producer finds in bass world he's just a candy-ass co-angler."

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