Monday, June 25, 2007

Wanted: Sponsor

Companies regularly sponsor skaters, surfers, and skiers. Even video gamers can get the corporate types to pony up some Jack. That being the case why is it so hard for a team of successful competitive fly fishers to nail down a major sponsorship? The Denver Post wonders aloud:
"Question is, can a relatively thin and static U.S. fly-fishing industry muster the money and resolve to provide the necessary boost? Current sponsors include Simms, Scott rods, Scientific Anglers, Nautilus reels and Clear Creek accessories - arrangements that provide swell gear and some cash, but not nearly enough to crack the nut."
Don't the corporate marketing departments for the fly fishing industry realize the exposure they could be getting from the post competition interviews alone:
Chris Berman here with the winner of the 2008 Fly Fishing World Championships. "It looks like you really had things dialed in out there today." "Thanks Chris, the ole Sage Z axis, 5 weight was really casting sweet today and the AquaStealth soles on my Simms L2's where gripping the bottom like no body's business." "Nothing quite hauls'em in like frog's hair fluorocarbon."

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