Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Trout Underground's Plan to Save Fly Fishing

Tom Chandler from The Trout Underground has hatched a plan to save the fly fishing industry and return the sport back to the glory days just after the release of "A River Runs Through It."
"So — purely in the interest of taking fly fishing mainstream (again) — here are the Underground’s Top Five Hollywood Movies About Fly Fishing That Should Be Made Right Away."
Our favorites thus far:
2. The Green Drakes of Hazard
4. Harry Potter and the Multi-Modulus, Four-Piece, Boron Wand of Fire
Visit his site for more and be sure not to skip the reader submitted offerings in the comments.


David / Headwaters Bamboo said...

BORON?? Harry's clearly a bamboo kind of guy...

Tom Chandler said...

Harry may be a bamboo guy, but Hollywood -- fueled by product placement dollars -- isn't...

Anyway, some pretty demented stuff over there. Thanks for the link!