Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Team USA Places 6th in World

Major congratulations are due to the members and supporters of Fly Fishing Team USA as they have placed 6th at the world championships in Finland. The American team had to beat England, Italy, Australia, South Africa, and Bosnia on their way to the team's best ever finish. Once again the French took first place in the competition. Carolina angler Josh Stevens pitched in even though he was an alternate on the team:
"During the actual hours of competition they (cell phones) are banned in only one member of the team that Captain can talk to anyone who's actually fishing. Since Captain Anthony is fishing this year alternate Josh Stevens has been filling the role as acting captain. Since he was working with Anthony I would say that he's done a pretty good job."
Here is a link to the daily play by play from Jack Dennis via the National Fly Fishing Championships website.
And an article from The Daily Sentinel.
It appears that the new method of selecting team members via regional qualifiers is working for team USA. Don't forget about our own Southeast Regional Event, August 18th & 19th.

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