Monday, June 04, 2007

ESPN's Don Barone: "A Day at The Race"

ESPN feature producer Don Barone writes about a different sort of day at the race. It's not Nascar but rather fishing "The Race" where the Long Island Sound meets the Atlantic. This time Don is fishing with members of the Danbury Rod & Reel Club and their quarry included big striper and bluefish. Having recently visited Danbury, CT I had no idea that such an organization existed. They sound like our sort of people:
"Guys who tie each other up with fishing wire when one falls asleep. Guys who stay at a nearby casino the night before and call down to the front desk to ask for a wake-up call answer the question, "And, sir, at what time would you like that call?" by saying, calmly, "In 15 minutes." And they get it.

Guys who, even after eight hours give you only about 10 minutes of quotes you can actually print. ("Hey, D.B.," I kept hearing. "That one would be the end of your career, huh?" Oh, yeah.)"
By the way, we realize this article of Don's isn't about fly fishing (they are dropping diamond jigs from a head boat) but we wanted to point it out anyway since we like Don's style.

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