Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Turning Interest Into Cold Hard Cash

In a recent newsletter from the Colorado Trout Unlimited Steering Committee for the National Fly Fishing Championships, Paul Prentiss talks about how great most business people think the idea of a national fly fishing event is wonderful. However, thinking something is great and putting up cold hard sponsorship dollars are two very different things. The committee is looking for a few good companies to step up and purchase some serious goodwill in the fly fishing community. Here is the text from their mailing.

When you talk to individuals and company representatives about Team USA and the US Championship process you hear the same comment over and over, "that's a great concept". However, translating this enthusiasm into hard dollars is very difficult.

Getting to the right people who can/will make a decision and understand how this helps the sport, conservation, and youth involvement is the particularly difficult.

I can't tell you how many times I hear "how will your program help me" or ""what can you do for my specific customers." My answer is always the same. Our objective is to promote the sport, youth involvement, conservation ethics, and relationships with other countries via the common language of fly fishing. This is a non-monetary, wholesome activity that is not gender specific.
We need to find individuals and companies who want to make a difference and feel their association with this program is reward enough. Can you help? If so,
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How about it FlyfishMagazine readers? You may not be in a position to sponsor this event yourself but you might just know someone in the business who is. Spread the word. Ted Turner, if you still read this now would be a good time to step up.

Also don't forget that our own Southeast Regional event is set for August 18th and 19th on the waters near Cherokee, N.C. For more information contact Eugene Shuler

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