Monday, May 14, 2007

Road Tripping - Music City, USA

Monday night finds us in Nashville, Tennessee doing the mergers and acquisitions thing. Unfortunately the work schedule won't allow a visit to the Caney Fork or Duck rivers for trout fishing and Tim and Faith have yet to call with our dinner invitation. We did however get to enjoy a meal of Truck Stop Enchiladas and cold Shiner Bock with native Texican and Middle Tennessee Contributing Editor, Jay Moore. The food was great, the beer cold, and fish stories were as big as ever.

Speaking of fish stories, here are two items that caught our eye from today's news wire:

That young angler fishing upstream from you might be a youthful offender learning to fly fish as a means of rehabilitation. Should you worry? Maybe not.

"The boys are unbelievably well behaved. Because of where they are and what they did to get here, visitors might expect them to act up, or be distracted. But that is not the case. They are overly courteous.After each session they thank the men for teaching them and extend their hands for a shake. Hand shakes and high-fives are the only forms of touching permitted between the boys and the visitors.At times it's easy to forget this is a correctional facility. But there are reminders. A boy named Joshua drops a hook on the floor."Whoa," he says. "That'd be bad to have a loose fish hook in here. You should see what happens when we lose a pencil. It's insane. It's not fun."

Did the melamine that has caused the deaths of hundreds of family pets make its way into fish hatcheries trout chow? The FDA says its no biggie.

The department said it's been told by the federal Food and Drug Administration that there is no significant human health risk associated with eating fish that have been fed melamine-tainted fish food and that melamine -- unlike other chemicals such as mercury -- does not accumulate in a fish's body.

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