Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fly Fishing in the Media

This week's blasphemous use of fly fishing by the media comes from The Moultrie Observer where the author makes comparisons between no less than iced coffee and a $600 fly rod:

"I don’t drink cold coffee. I know saying “iced coffee” is supposed to give it mystique, but it’s still cold coffee. Temperature is temperature. It’s much like a $600 handmade fly rod. It’s still a fishing pole, and if you slam the truck door on it, it will break. I’ve practiced this on a couple of cheap rods."

The Georgia author does give some excellent advice for the person wishing to stay cool and healthy this summer:

"My first thought of this advice was to hang out at the wash hole and don’t walk alone in downtown Atlanta at night. Takes care of cool and safety."

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