Tuesday, May 22, 2007

ESPN's Don Barone on Fishing the Miramichi

Don Barone is a most excellent example of an author and ESPN Feature Producer. Recently he emailed me a link to a story about his adventures while salmon fishing the Miramich River. Along the way he and his "Butt Doctor" meet up with a clown - complete with blinking red nose (at a urinal no less), Ted William's waders (on the wall of his favorite lodge), and the 82 years young salmon angler Annie Pearson (in a boat of course).
The first day there, Annie told me: "The person who catches the most fish sits at the head of the dinner table, and their rod goes on top all the other rods in the rack." Most days, Annie sat at the head, and her fishing rod, at the top.
Be sure to read the entire article and whatever you do don't skip the photo albums. In my experience it seems that the surreal is often attracted to the fly angler. I am not sure why exactly. Maybe the universe just smiles on us. This excellent story proves my point.
(Photo Credit - Don Barone)

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