Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bubba's getting some new cellmates...

A group of people who will probably not be invited to join Mensa anytime soon, decided to break into cars parked at a popular Asheville, NC fishing and mountain biking area. They then proceed to use stolen credit cards at major retailers who incidentally record your every move on video tape. It just so happens that the popular fishing and biking area just happens to be in a National Park where the feds have jurisdiction. The feds bust the ring and indictments are handed down.
"An indictment filed today in U.S. District Court charges seven Asheville-area people with bank fraud, identity theft and other crimes in connection with a series of car break-ins on federal lands in and around Buncombe County"
"If convicted, the defendants face varying prison terms, some of up to 30 years. A notice of forfeiture and finding of probable cause filed with the indictment seeks the recovery of stolen property."

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