Sunday, April 01, 2007

Angling Conservation Groups to Embrace Bait

Citing recent studies that show the ranks of fishermen to be shrinking, rumor has it that groups like the FFF and TU will begin a membership drive aimed at bringing bait fishermen onto their membership rolls.
A spokesman who declined to be named said, "it simply comes down to a matter of numbers," he stated, "if we can get $25 a year from 1/2 the bait fishermen on the planet we will be able to fund our efforts for a virtual eternity." When asked about the obvious question of increased fish mortality at the hands of anglers using bait he further explained that they were more than prepared to look the other way. "A large percentage of the funding we get from the increased membership will allow us lobby for a greater number of catch and release regulated streams."
Industry analysts expect a similar shift by fly shop owners across the United States as many begin including cricket cages and coolers full of red wigglers nicely packaged in Styrofoam containers.

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