Monday, March 12, 2007

When they found him, his breath was minty fresh...

Recently a group of North Carolina college students ventured into the Linville Gorge for a bit of a hike only to get lost and have to spend a cold night in the woods. They were on an afternoon hike but were unprepared for the cold weather.

A good rule is to never go into the woods without the means to stay over night with some measure of comfort. I bet those students would have given their greek letters for one these Altoid tin survival kits.

This kit is designed to be a 72-hour kit. It is designed to be small and portable, but also to be effective in providing for the Survival "Rule of Threes."

A person can live for:Three minutes without air.
Three hours without shelter.
Three days without water.
Three weeks without food.
Three months without love.


Headwaters Bamboo said...

Three what without fly fishing?

Murdock said...

Now that is a good question!

Three seconds without wishing I were fly fishing instead of working!