Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Ultimate Blue Line Rod and Reel?

I was able to cast one of these rigs at a fly fishing show a few years ago and found it to cast pretty well considering that it is only 30 inches long. This Micro Fly Rod and Reel from J. Austin Forbes Ltd. would make even the smallest brookie feel like a small tarpon.
The right rod to be used in a tight space where the laurel overhangs and you can't get in a long backcast. The micro rod blank was designed to load at 3-4 feet which makes it perfect for a short and deadly accurate cast. A great rod for the backcountry, just stow it in your backpack or saddlebag, and you are set to go! And it will make that elusive tiny brookie feel like much more!
At $150 dollars and up for a rod and reel combo this is definitely no children's toy.

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