Monday, March 26, 2007

Final Four Fly Fishing: Ben Howland

It was a depressing Monday here on Tobacco road. Saying that our favorite college basketball team went cold in during the overtime period against Georgetown is probably the understatement of the year. Add to that the fact that rumor has it that Tyler Hansbrough might head for the pros this year leaving us without the big man in the middle.

Since our Heel's are out of the running we are looking for a new team to back in the final four. UCLA comes to mind. Especially since according to this Newark Advocate article the Bruin's coach, Ben Howland, is a fly fisher.

It’s the same thing on the river, Howland says.“When I fly-fish, you have to be detailed in terms of all the little things that go into throwing a fly, how you mend the line, how you let it float,” he says. “You’re doing it hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times a day. So there’s a lot of attention to detail.”

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