Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ebay - Flyfish with Intel Chairman Craig Barrett

If I want to go fishing with someone I generally call them up and say "Lets go fishing!" If they are reluctant and I really don't want to go alone, I might offer to take my truck and foot the bill for gas. Of course none of my fishing buddies are Intel Chairman Craig Barrett. If you want to go fishing with him on the famous Bitterroot river you will need to bid on this ebay auction.
During your three-day, two-night stay, you and your guest will enjoy a private cabin, along with all the wonderful activities and dining (all meals are included) the ranch has to offer. You and Craig will take part in one of his favorite activities – a day of fly fishing on the Bitterroot River. You will also have the opportunity to join the Intel Chairman in exploring his beloved Northern Rockies forests on horseback. In addition, one evening during your stay, Triple Creek will serve up one of its fabulous gourmet dinners especially for you and Craig.
Gentleman, the bidding starts at $25,000 and proceeds go to benefit The National Forest Foundation.
I do wish to take this opportunity to remind you that while I am not a mover and shaker of the tech world from Silicone Valley, a much more affordable trip ( a six pack and a can of vienna sausages) can be had by contacting any of the the editorial staff of
I can't help but wonder if Mr. Barrett's fly box has an "Intel Inside" sticker on it?

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Headwaters Bamboo said...

I worked for Craig for 10 years and never got a chance to fish with him.

Guess he needs to do something to pay for the ranch since his stock options are going anywhere but down...