Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Chum is Hard On the Beaver

Check out our piscatorial brethren from Moldy Chum's recent look at a very suspect interview with the founder of the infamous Spring Ridge Club, Donny Beaver. We were moved to comment by the shear surrealness of this "hard hitting" interview that shows even rich land mongers can write press releases.
Update: Check out Tom Chandler's take on this via The Trout Underground Blog as well.
Disclaimer: we here at are only against the privatization of our sport's great waters until such time as we win the lottery and become filthy rich beyond all imagination. Once that happens we will still let our pals have access to a couple of guest passes a year as long as they only fish bamboo rods with dry flies, cast up stream, and don't bring in the riff raff.
Oh wait...we ARE the riff raff!


Tom Chandler said...

Helium's been looking for writers for some time; they seem like a combination of an SEO/article marketing site and "pay-to-post" scam.

It seems to be working for them, so in a blatant attempt to grab some real cash, the Trout Underground's going to start posting reviews of private jets and $100,000+ autos....

Murdock said...

Whooo hooo - Way to go TC! Be sure to share the wealth!