Sunday, February 04, 2007

Light'em if You've Got'em

Thompson Cigar Coupon

Colts fans will be lighting them up to celebrate. Bear fans might be using them to set fire to their effigy of Rex Grossman. Either way it is the time of year that football fans need access to good quality cigars.

The good folks at Thompson Cigars have asked us to sign on with them as purveyors of fine tobacco products and being fly fishers who also enjoy a good stogie, we quickly jumped at the opportunity. As a way to celebrate our new alliance they are offering readers 15% off purchases sitewide until May 1st of 2007. Use the link above and check out their offerings. Here's a hint: Be sure to look at the samplers they offer. Many of them can be had for a great price and come with extras that make them an exceptional value.

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