Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Politics at the fly shop?

How can a fly shop owner make a small fortune? The old answer was that he simply had to start with a large fortune. The new answer might be to get into the business of politics by selling collectible and t-shirts emblazoned with the date 01-20-09 out of the back of your fly shop. That date is President George Bush's last day in office.

"We're close to selling a million pieces of assorted stuff. We'll hit that this Christmas season," said Elliott Nachwalter, 56, of Arlington, Vermont, who started the business about 18 months ago out of the back of his fly fishing store.
Nachwalter said Bush's Last Day was founded after outrage at the president' environmental policies spurred him to design a lapel button and then a bumper sticker that he shared with a few friends."

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