Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Where does an 800lb grouper eat?

Anywhere he wants to!

Federally protected Goliath Grouper, once spear-fished to the brink of extinction, are now once again plentiful. According to this article some anglers say these massive fish, who can grow to as much as 800 pounds, are too plentiful. Often eating an angler's catch before he is able to boat it.

They are like cockroaches,?? said spear fisherman Dennis O?Hern. ?They are everywhere.????It?s almost impossible to fish anymore,?? said Fred Lifton of the Marco Island Charter Captain?s Association. ?You can?t get on a wreck without being inundated by them. You can?t get fish up, not grouper, snapper, permit, snook, cobia. They take everything.??

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