Sunday, November 05, 2006

What do you do when a big box comes to town?

This article in the Sacramento Bee "Reeling in Shoppers", though unimaginatively titled, talks about the impact a new Bass Pro store might have on competition in the Sacrameto area.

The impact has been negative for the smaller shops in some areas where Bass Pro has opened its doors.

In Las Vegas, Mike Roser has been talking about the ones that got away since Bass Pro came to town. "Right away, special orders dried up. It hurt a lot of rod and reel sales," said Roser, who used to own and operate Bass Anglers Supply Shop, a bait and tackle store 12 miles from Bass Pro.

However, some shops feel they have something the big boxes can't provide.

At Elkhorn Bait and Tackle in Rio Linda, store manager Barry Butler sat on boxes filled with fishing reels as he contemplated his store's future with Bass Pro in Sacramento.
He figures the store is going to take some hits, especially the first year because "like anything new, people will want to see what the store has." But the newness will wear off, and his customers are loyal, he said.

"Besides, we have Uncle Larry," Butler said, pointing to one of his employees. "Extremely knowledgeable. He can show people tricks to put fish in their boats. And I've had 33 years in this business. I doubt that Bass Pro will be selling that kind of experience."

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