Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This week's best media fishing analogy

USA Today sports reporter Jeff Zillgitt receives this weeks award for best use a fishing analogy in the media in his recent article about Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick.

"Atlanta Falcons coach Jim Mora, like a wary brown trout in a Montana stream, refuses to take the bait and pin Atlanta's struggles on Vick."

Obviously written by a man who has fishing on his mind. I have resolved to start using more fishing analogies in my professional life a Corporate Credit Guy. "If you do not immediately pay your past due amount I will have no choice but to file liens upon your project that will tie up your money in the same way that a novice fly fisher might wrap his line around a low hanging laurel branch." Well maybe in my case that wouldn't be such a good idea.

How could you (mis) use fishing analogies to describe your day to day work life? Be creative and leave your best work in the comments (make sure you let us know what your job title is as part of your post)!

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