Thursday, November 02, 2006

Reel in your customers.....UGH!

Here is yet another example of a gross mis-use of fishing terminology in the business world. This company equates contact with their customers to Catch and Release.

Catch and Release
Your customers, just like fishing resources and all of our natural resources, are too valuable to be wasted. A unified agent desktop helps promote and preserve your customer base by treating them with care and efficiency. Equipped with the necessary information, tools, and resources on the desktop, you can effortlessly reel in the customer with little to no pain (hold times/inadequate responses/repetitive input) and then release them happily into the market where they can advocate to other hungry customers about just how great their experience was.

It gets worse. If I were King the only way business consultants could ever use fly fishing terminology, would be if they were standing chest deep in a trout stream. Man law?

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