Monday, November 06, 2006

Put on your yarmulke... and your waders

I have met many diverse people through the sport of fly fishing. However, this is my first fly fishing Rabbi. Today I received an email from Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer, "The Fly Fishing Rabbi." Rabbi Eisenkramer was letting me know about his blog of the same name, which is a mix of his reflections about his two passions in life, fly fishing for trout and his religion.

"Since I first saw A River Runs Through It, I dedicated much of my time to my two passions. I became a rabbi and now serve a Jewish Reform Temple in New York. And I taught myself to fly-fish, being the stubborn, self-taught kind of person that I am. Sometimes I even catch a few trout, now and then. And so "The Fly Fishing Rabbi" seemed like a perfect name for my blog. For the pursuit of trout and the search for the divine in my life never ends."

Welcome to the blogosphere Rabbi Eisenkramer! Any good words you could put in for us with the man upstairs are greatly appreciated. A kosher sidebar link has been added.

Note: I seem to have misspelled yarmulke...Sorry folks


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