Thursday, November 09, 2006

Personalized Fish Art

Have you ever wished that you could capture the beauty of that trout you just caught in a more permanent medium than a digital photo? Well unless you are a very talented individual or carry and artist around in the trunk of your car until now you have been pretty much out of luck. will take your photo and turn it into a bona fide work of art for as little as $79.99.

So you've landed a trophy fish, or maybe a colorful cutthroat trout on your favorite stream, and of course you snapped a photo. But, as we all know, the photo doesn't do the fish justice. Now what?
Why not turn your finest fish into works of art? At Your Fish Art, we specialize in creating personalized, custom art using a photo of your fish. We take the photo and hand-draw or paint the fish life-size or scale it to 13" (see
Styles and Options and Pricing below). We preserve the details from each fish, creating an aesthetic, accurate, side-on portrait

Thanks to David at Headwaters Bamboo Rod Company for pointing this site out.

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