Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Media Fly Fishing Analogy of the Week

It is not uncommon for avid anglers to day dream about fly fishing while on the job. However, when members of the media day dream about fly fishing it can find its way into all sorts of unrelated places. This weeks award for use of fly fishing imagery to describe things that are not really related to fly fishing goes to Scott Peterson of the Lake County Reporter in his article "Time for a lesson about the keys for a happy life" which talks about his attempts at imparting wisdom to his son.

"Nathan," I said with great anticipation, "Have you ever thought about how lucky you are?"For a moment, the words drifted about the cabin of the car like a fly above a hungry trout. I braced myself for the bite, for the illumination, the span of the great abyss that exists between all fathers and their sons, the moment of truth, the breaking down of the walls, the primordial connection.

Well said words from a man who most certainly has fishing on his mind. It appears that he might also have laundry on his mind as well.

For weeks before that, I tossed ideas in my mind like a clothes dryer tumbles linens. In my head, I went through dozens of drafts, searching for the right combination that was not going to be too pretentious, too cloying, too overwhelming.

However, we don't give awards for laundry...yet.

(Editor's Note: The photo above is an important artifact to anglers, and writers alike. Let's have some fun and see who can be the first to identify it. As a hint, it is located in the United States and it's former owner enjoyed catching big fish. Put your answer in the comments. Extra credit if you can tell us the story behind it.)


Jeff said...

OK, it's Ernest Hemingway's 6-toed-cat-watering fountain made from a large spanish olive jar and a urinal (the trough in front) from the bar "Smoky Joe's"

You can read more about it here:


Murdock said...

That is correct sir!