Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Advantage Mom & Pop

The New York Times has an article about the advantages of patronizing your local independent purveyor of sporting goods.

"You come in here and get personal service and a good story about who shot a deer last week," said Rotolico, 40, who moved to Maine 17 years ago from New York. "You learn the secrets of the area, but a lot of that information is really protected, actually."
Rotolico said his accent marked him as an outsider when he first moved to Minot (a nearby town, pronounced MY-nut).
"When I came up here I had no friends, and no knowledge of the area," he said. "I went to a little fishing shop like this and it took him forever to show me where to fly fish, but you build that trust. But these shops are disappearing."

Translation: The 17 year old kid at your local big box might be able to give you the latest cheat code for your PS3 game system but he probably doesn't know where the lunker trout are hiding. Also, don't expect the guy at the local fly shop to just give out that nugget of info without getting to know you first.

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