Tuesday, November 28, 2006

100% Bamboo

Guys who fish bamboo fly rods can be pretty hard core and often shun all other methods of fishing in favor of the "trout grass". If that guy or gal is on your Christmas list you might want to consider products from the Shirts Of Bamboo website. SOB sells just exactly what they their name implies, shirts made of bamboo. They also carry socks and even women's underthings made from the renewable resource. They also carry yarn made from bamboo fibers which can only lead me to ask the question, "Who will be the first angler to catch a trout on a bamboo rod, while wearing a bamboo shirt and casting a fly tied out of bamboo yarn?" It could be the first ever "Bamboo Grand Slam" of fly fishing.


trout underground said...

This stuff is just so "a couple months ago."

We covered the concept of bamboo pants a couple months ago on the Trout Underground, when I proudly took ownership of a pair.


Believing that owning both bamboo pants and many bamboo fly rods placed me in the highest percentile of fly fishers, I felt I had ascended to a higher moral plane, and felt free to judge and cast aspersions on others.

Is this a great universe or what?

Murdock said...

The Underground is always so cutting edge! I plan on ordering some bamboo boxer shorts so that I can feel better than others without being too ostentatious.

Fishing Jones said...

I think a more noteworthy achievement will be when they finally figure out how to make a fly rod out of hemp.

Murdock said...


That would open up the sport of fly fishing to a whole new group of today's youth. You might just have hit upon a way to save the sport of fly fishing.