Thursday, October 05, 2006


Nevada Appeal reporter Don Quillici writes about the perils of hanging out with your fishing buddies. He obviously knows guys like my pals, Zugbug, Paisley and Jay.

Here are several examples of some of the dastardly deeds they have pulled just on me:

They placed a "For Sale - Cheap" sign on the back of my new pickup. It was the same color as the pickup and they knew I would not see it because I am color-blind. I got 26 calls before I finally figured out what had happened.

They smeared stove pipe soot on the inside of my Alaska cap, before we attended a huge fishing derby award dinner. Whenever I took my cap off to scratch my head while talking to someone, that person would gasp because I had a black band across my forehead.

When hanging out with your fishing buddies one should always remember that the inscription on Billy the Kid's tombstone said simply, "Pals"

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