Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hump Day Fly Fishy Newsiness

Here are a few fishy items to help get you over the mid-week hump.

John Corrigan of the Concord Monitor has more insight into the story of the Trout Killing Teddy Bear that managed to get coverage above the fold in several papers around the country.

Yep, in the middle of an election campaign when politicians and citizens debate ponderous issues like Iraq, Katrina, climate change, Social Security and health care, the Manchester newspaper gave the story slow news day treatment.

There was a recent thread over at the Southeast Fly Fishing Forum that had members answering the question, "You might be a trout bum if..."

"If your mounted deer head has 'snip' marks." - SixX

Ever since I was a child watching Saturday morning cartoons I have always wanted to be part of a "League". Since the Justice League seems not to have any vacancies, if I lived in Scotland I would certainly want to be a part of The Grampian Fly Fishing League.

Starting in March next year, anglers will fish for a three-fish bag from a different fishery each month and have their weight recorded and added to the league table. After three months the table will be split into divisions, thus allowing anglers to compete against others of similar abilities.

Speaking of joining groups and such, I may have finally found a place that will let me combine fly fishing and golf. Lehigh Country Club not only has 18 holes but also has a good number of fishing holes on the newly restored Little Lehigh Creek that hold wild brown and brook trout.

Ditmars, 63, of Lower Macungie, said he enjoys fishing on club grounds because of the solitude and the fact that there are plenty of wild brown trout to be caught.''We really get very few stocked fish there,'' he said. ''Everything is stream bred, including some brook trout.''

Finally, In a recent interview Robin Williams had the following to say in regards to fly fishing and having recently seen the movie Brokeback Mountain. (the movie that might have done more to ease fishing pressure on trout streams than "A River Runs Through It" did to make them crowded) .

“‘What happened?’ ‘We were fishing’. It’s going to be hard now when a guy says, ‘Me and Bob are going fishing’. ‘Oh, I know what you’re doing! Fishing, huh? I can’t quit you, honey. Fly-fishing? I know what that’s all about. Hook that zipper, get that old pole out and tie a couple of flies on the end'.

The Horror!

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