Monday, October 16, 2006

How to tip your fishing guide by Marshall Cutchin

Proper procedure for tipping when it comes to fishing guides is something that can perplex even the most traveled angler. Often it is expected, but at times it is looked upon with disdain. Marshall Cutchin from Midcurrent has put together an excellent guide to the often misunderstood etiquette for tipping your fishing guide. It may not as simple as 15 to 20% as this excerpt shows:

in parts of the Amazon for example, guides at some lodges I've visited were notorious for spending their tips on alcohol and not showing up for work for a week and a lodge manager may suggest that you gift items like T-shirts or fishing lures instead of cash. Rarely should non-monetary gifts be counted as part of your overall gratuity, however, unless you have made a special pre-arrangement with your independent guide.

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