Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween: From Devil Flies to Tickled Trout.

Since it is Halloween I thought I would break out the fly my son tied and named Jake's Devil Fly. The recipe is as follows (don't laugh - this bugger has actually caught some pretty nice fish):

Hook: long shank "bugger" style hook.
Body: Peacock herl ribbed with brown larva lace over a lead underbody.
Tail : Red marabou
Head: Olive thread
Horns: Goose biots - tied in with the curved side up.

This fly is best fished in the river Styx using a rather hasty retrieve. Feel free to dip it in brimstone to add the appropriate scent to the fly. Fishing this way is illegal but everyone else down their breaks the fishing regulations anyway.

Here are some links to a few more "Halloweenish" fly fishing items:

The Fly Fishing in Yellowstone National Park Blog has taken the bikini wars to the paranormal realm by posting pictures of scantily clad witches along with some other Halloween offerings.

Here is a story from last year about fly fishing in Vlad the Impaler's home waters.

Body armor, garlic and a shield are not typical equipment for fly fishing. If you're going to fish with Vlad, however, each is a must. The fish are odd. The locals with missing fingers and hands will fill you in. The "Impaler Pike" is known to react to being hooked by accelerating towards the angler and leaping from the water in the direction of one's nether region.

You can also get your kid a handy Fly Fisherman Costume so that they can look like Brad Pitt in "A River Runs Through it" while they harass your neighbors for candy. This is almost as popular this year as the Child's Fight Club costume but without all the complaints from bruised up kiddies.

If none of this carves your Jack-O-Lantern then perhaps a scary tale about the dangers of trout tickling will set the proper mood for your All Hallows eve?

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