Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fly Fishing for the Made Guy?

The title alone meant that I couldn't help but pay attention to this novel by Brian M. Wiprud. " "Sleep with the Fishes." is a mystery about a gentle Mafia hit man who turns snitch, gets relocated and takes up trout fishing.

From a sexy trout dealer in crimson hiking boots to a cop married to a pregnant porn star, everybody in this little town has an angle, a grudge or a crush on somebody. And Sid needs to figure out these yahoos fast because with a vicious Mafia killer on his trail, a warden on his doorstep, and a highly incriminating videotape making the rounds, it turns out that the simple life isn't so simple after all....

A few words of advice to all of our friends with "family" connections who might be interested in fishing. If your pals invite you out on the boat, don't go!

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